Booracay here we come!!!

We’re BOOKED!!!

We started to spend the Halloween season in Boracay about a year after my Dad passed away.  We would stay at Discovery Shores for 5 days swimming, eating, and did I already say EATING?!IMG_3386


This year, we will continue on with the tradition but it will be more exciting. It will be Mia’s first of firsts

  1. First Plane Ride
  2. First Beach experience
  3. First out-of-town trip with the Kuans
  4. First Discovery Shores Boracay Trick or Treat


As an OC Mom, I can’t help myself but start packing stuff for her on my mind.  I’m already googling what to pack for the plane ride.  How a toddler reacts during take-offs and landings.  And how to keep the toddler busy during the entire flight.

I chanced upon an article in Facebook on Busy Bags.  These are bags with different arts and crafts inside placed in an envelope type pouch.  A lightbulb moment came and I started to look for the loots we got from National Bookstore and  Fully Booked.  I assembled everything in a My Melody Plastic Envelope, took a photo then posted in Instagram. (Well that’s what we normally do right?)



Here’s what’s inside Mia’s “Busy Bag”




Keeping my fingers crossed that these will keep her busy and not irritated for the 45-minute flight.  Will write about how it turns out as soon as we get back



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