Confessions of a Snapchat Newbie

So i’ve heard about snapchat during my Boxing days when a friend from Canada was telling me about it. First of all, i don’t get the idea why your posts should be deleted after a while. Second, why should we have more social medias when Facebook and IG is already a handfull!

2 years later… I’m already on Snapchat! No idea how it works up to now, i just love the filters and how it makes me beautiful! Hahahaha

My Titas of Manila Group on FB were sharing how this Snapchat works. Well as Titas, you can imagine how difficult it was to explain how it works more so how to navigate through it!

All I know now is how to take photos and share them in my story… That’s it Pancit!

This is what the Tita’s Snapchats look like hahahaha

Tita “Madam” Maane
Tita Kath
Tita Leyah


Tita Carol

Follow me on Snapchat : Jaypee Victoriano (Jaypeev)


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