We love Kindermusik!

We used to go to Gymboree Trinoma but I decided not to continue with Mia’s classes.  One, she got sick and they only allow 1 make-up class.  Two, we cannot keep up with the songs and the lessons because they change it every week.  Third,  Mia cannot focus in class since she sees the play area and she just wants to go through the obstacles and play!

When we visited our Pedia/Friend Udele for her routine vaccination, she asked us Mia’s progress.  Does she talk? How many words? What can she do?  Oh well she was a year and 6 months old at that time so I asked her what was the normal progress for her age?  She said it’s normal that she utters some words but if she doesn’t that does not mean there is something wrong with her.  Hay Salamat!

She suggested we enroll Mia at Kindermusik.  She also said to look for Teacher Suzette since they say she is the BEST.  According to her other patient’s mommies, they highly recommend Kindermusik!  It helps the kids with following instructions, hand-eye coordination, interpersonal skills and it also helps boost the kids confidence.

As soon as I got home, I googled the nearest Kindermusik class in our area.  Luckily, Teacher Suzette’s class is in Capitol Green Street which is very near our place.  I called them and was able to talk to Dolor.  She gave me the class schedule and invited us to attend a trial class.  She suggested we join the Cuddle and Bounce class.

We arrived at 9:30am and when we entered the room, we were greeted by Teacher Suzette and Dolor.  We sat down and joined the class.  It was really really tiring! Me and Yaya Mercy would switch places lifting, carrying, dancing Mia around.  We were definitely at the wrong class.  She was way heavier for that class.  So I asked Dolor if we can attend the next class which is Wiggle and Grow on our next visit.



Fast forward to July… Mia is enrolled at Wiggle and Grow for the entire Semester. We have been to 3 classes and  so far she’s enjoying every class.  She knows the activities very well.  She knows the movement to all the songs.  And she actively participates in class.

Look at that smile


She actively listens to Teacher Suzette
She’s good at following directions

She even made new friends, so they decided to hang out at Stacy’s after class



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