What’s on my Iphone?

When you become a mom, your phone is no longer 100% yours.  Gone are the days when you rush to grab your phone when you hear an incoming text!  You’re no longer allowed to scroll through IG and FB without someone bugging you to lend her your phone.

I know this post will attract different reactions from other mommies out there! Yes people I allow my daughter to use gadgets! I even allow her to watch TV! If this does not go with your beliefs then you should stop reading now…

Moving on…

So you know I carry everything on my bag as well as Mia’s bag.  It is not really convenient for us to bring her Ipad all the time.  Her Ipad does not have a simcard slot so WIFI will always be a requirement.

I’ve managed to add movies on my phone through iTunes.  For easier browsing, I downloaded all the movie posters so she knows which ones she likes since she cannot read yet.  Here’s where I got my album artworks: Album Artworks

Aside from Movies, I also added Music Videos from different Disney Movies.  This allows us m to have our concert and acting moments.

Now let’s talk about Mobile Apps…Mia loves to play games. She likes Shape Sorters, Animal Recognitions and Matching games. I had to look for apps that she would like. I started downloading a bunch of stuff but she NEVER opened them. So they’re all there…eating up space on my phone…space…space…haaayyyy mommy problems…




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