I Love-ander

I looove Lavander! Like addicted to anything Lavander.  I go to a store and the first thing I check is if they have Lavander scented stuff. But let’s get things straight, I love the Lavander scent but not the color Lavander.

Lavander relieves stress, it makes you feel relaxed.  It puts you to sleep.  It relieves migraine and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so you can also use it for insect bites.

Wikipedia: Lavander
Tip:  I sometimes dab a little Lavander oil on Mia’s shirt to make her fall asleep (we’re all guilty of wanting the baby to fall asleep, so we can do our binge watching right?!)

Sharing with you the ones I normally use:

Lavander Lotions

Lavander Soaps

Lavander Oils

Ionizer Oil




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