Organizing my bathroom

I’m a hoarder but I don’t like clutter.  I get stressed everytime I see things scattered everywhere.  I believe everything should be in order, neatly lined or properly stored.

I don’t have a big bathroom so I had to make do with the minimal space I have.  I chanced upon a shelf that fits over the toilet bowl and and extended shower caddy.  These two works best for me since I keep a lot of stuff


To Organize, here are the items you will need.

  1. Shelves
  2. Shower caddy
  3. Plastic baskets
  4. Acrylic cases
  5. Acrylic make-up showcase kit
  6. Acrylic drawers
  7. Metal hooks
  8. Mini baskets
  9. Blowdry caddy
  10. Stackable boxes
  11. Old CD storage Cabinet
  12. Ziploc bags

To start:

1.  Sort your products based on use.

  • Items used for the face (facial wash, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, make-up removers)
  • Items for the body (Lotions, oil, cream, powder)
  • Hair Products (Hairspray, Mousse, Gel, Hair Clips)
  • Perfumes
  • Make-ups
  • Essential Oils, Candles and Diffusers

2.  Measure the space and see which boxes would fit on your shelf

3.  Start placing products per group/per size on each of your containers

4.  Neatly arrange them according to your measurement.

5.  Make use of all usable space by hanging hooks and attaching basket for added storage


Again! Recycle and make use of all available space



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