It’s the Tooth that counts!

I never had problems with Mia when it comes to Oral Hygiene.  As soon as her first tooth came out, she was introduced to brushing her (only) tooth! We started with her playing with the finger toothbrush after taking a bath.  To telling her to brush her teeth every after meal and before she goes to sleep.  Next is letting her watch the Elmo PSA on Toothbrushing. Sesame Street: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush PSA.

Warning: This can get irritating especially if you hear Elmo’s voice morning, noon and night!

When she reached 16 months, she had her first visit at the dentist.  We went to GAOC Trinoma and saw Dr. Jenn Abistado.  She was sooo charming that Mia was at ease right away.  They were even showing Inside Out on the TV Screen so Mia will not get bored.

So focused on Inside Out



Dr. Jenn cleaned, flossed and wiped her teeth then she applied fluoride.  And just like that we’re DONE!!!



We just had to do a selfie showing her teeeeeeth!



Just because I use an electric toothbrush,  we shifted her to electric as well.  I also have a kiddie floss which she loves to use every after meal.  We shifted her to fluoride toothpaste as soon as she reached 18 months



Now I just need to wait for her tooth to come off so I can use the Tooth Fairy pillow I ordered online from Thoughtful and Personal Creations by mimssac




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