Recipe: Gourmet Tuyo


Makes 10 mason jars 25each


Tuyo                            3 kg.

Corn oil                       4 cups

Olive oil- extra virgin   2 cups

Olive oil- light virgin   2 cups

Crushed garlic           2 heads

Sliced garlic.              4 head

Chopped hot chillies  5 TBSP.

Vinegar                       4 cups

Paprika                       1 Tbsp

Sugar                          2 tbsp

Black Peppers.           2 tbsp


1. Remove head, tail and soft parts of the tuyo.

2. Fry in a little cooking oil and remove scales.

3. Arrange in bottles.

4. In a saucepan, heat corn oil and olive oil.

5. Fry garlic until golden brown.

6. Add hot chillies and vinegar.

7. Bring to a boil and add paprika.

8. Pour over tuyo in bottles, cool, seal and refrigerate.

9. Serve after 5 days to allow flavours to blend.

10. When ready to serve heat over low fire and sprinkle with toasted garlic.





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