What’s inside Mia’s Bag?

I’m an expert packer.  Call me Mother Packer!

But seriously I carry everything in Mia’s bag.  We have 2 bags always ready.  One for the mall and one for school.  The reason why we have two is just because we didn’t want to bring a big bag in school.  “Who took up a huge chunk of space in the shelf?!”  Not us!

We got our bags from Pottery Barn kids because they have the cutest designs.  The personalisation was also a big selling point for me.  For easy recognition and also for that added “charm” hahaha.

Pottery Barn Kids

We have this design in 3 sizes (Small, Large and Rolling).  The rolling one is being used for overnights and travels.


What to pack:

  1. 2 sets of clothes
  2. Feeding Bottles and Milk (4 bottles for mall bag and 2 bottles for school bag)
  3. Changing Mat
  4. Muslin Squares/Lampin (5pcs for mall bag and 3 pcs for school bag)
  5. Diapers  (5pcs for mall bag and 3 pcs for school bag)
  6. 1 pair of adult socks and 1 pair of kids socks
  7. Fan
  8. Baby Wipes
  9. Tissue
  10. Anti-Mosquito patch
  11. Medicines (Paracetamol)
  12. Nasal Aspirator
  13. Trash bag
  14. Aciete De Manzanilla
  15. Cologne
  16. Alcohol
  17. Cotton Swabs
  18. Diaper Rash Cream
  19. Disinfectant Spray
Mall Bag
School Bag


I know this might start a debate on whether you should use a harness for your child or not.  Other people see this as treating your child like a dog.  For  me personally, I do want Mia to always be on a harness for safety reasons.  She is already at an age where she wants to explore and walk around.  I would like to feel comfortable every time we are out that she will not be able to run far away from us.

I have 2 types of Baby Straps:  a backpack and a harness type

This also has a spare Diaper, Baby wipes and Muslin Square inside






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