We love Pink(‘s)

I asked my girlfriends who love Pink to try the hottest new place in town.  I read an article about Pink’s opening in Manila early in June when my good friend Anton shared on his FB wall that he was part of the team who constructed the place.  As a supportive friend I wanted to see the place and try the food of course! (A&P Construction also renovated the Cinema floor of the Powerplant Mall and it was really nice!)

So last Sunday, my foodie friends and I went straight to Shangri-La BGC to try out Pink’s.  Parking was a breeze,  you can either have your car valet parked at the Hotel lobby or you can head straight to the Hotel paid parking area.  (Make sure to bring your parking card with you because you will need to settle at the hotel parking cashier near the elevator before you leave.  There’s no cashier at the parking exit)

As soon as we walked in we were brought a different place.  It was like eating at a side street except it’s air-conditioned!  IMG_8704IMG_8692


There’s Farmacy Ice cream inside a vintage Van located beside the order area.


It’s a self-service type of place so be ready to fall in line and give your orders


As soon as we sat down, we were given glasses of water from a San Miguel Grande Bottle which I thought was super cool.


So let me share with you what we ordered:

The Hollywood Legend
Homemade French Fries
Rootbeer Float
Breakfast All Day Dog
Don’t Mess with Texas
Onion Rings
Cookie Dough Milk Shake


Our verdict:  It was a bit expensive but worth trying! I will definitely go back and just order the Naked Dog.  I’m not really a big fan of too much toppings




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