We mean Business

When you get to a point in your life where you question what’s next,  you start to think about things that (1) satisfy you (2) fulfills you (3) gives you a decent income (4) makes you want to excel and succeed (5) gives you long-term security  and if you get to do what you love, that’s a bonus!

Well, I’m at that point in my life now.  I’ve done the employee thing, I’ve done the stay at home mommy thing.  So what’s next for me?

One, I’m doing my blog.  This gives me that satisfaction in helping out people with the tips and ideas that I have.  I’ve already gotten some positive feedback from friends and people I didn’t know.

Second, I have to have an income.  I was planning to partner with some friends for some business ventures a while back and for some reason it didn’t push through.

So last July 24, my friends/partners decided to go to the Franchise Expo to see what we can bring back to the drawing board.  It was really fruitful, we came down with some that we wanted to give a go signal to.  We’ll just have to discuss again on what we can finalize on.



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