Kerry Sports Tour

I wanted to visit the Adventure Zone of Shangri-La BGC for our usual playdates with my friends kids.  I asked my friend Jen Uyehara who works at Shang Fort for the membership rates.  The membership was not really ideal for us since I live in QC and the traffic going to the Fort is getting worse and worse everyday.  It will be difficult for us to maximize the membership since we might only be able to visit once or twice a month.

So last June 24, I was at Shang BGC for Pink’s so I messaged Jen if I can see Kerry Sport since I was with my friend Franky who is a fitness addict.  Jen already left but she endorsed us to Jonathan to give us a tour.

We went to Adventure Zone first but we were not able to get in so we went down to Kerry Sports to start our “tour”.

We were greeted by the super nice and accommodating Jonathan at the front desk.  He asked us how much time we had and we said “we have all the time” hahahaha!  Here’s what the inside of Kerry Sports look like


We’ll go back to try the member for a day given to us by Jonathan to see if this can be a long-term thing for us!


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