When in Hong Kong…

Hong Kong is definitely our happy place!  Well, what’s not to love about HK?!  You can shop for cheap stuff. You can get all the high end brands.  You can can get bargains especially during SALE season.  And most of all you get to eat really really good food.  Well that’s what we did last August.


Our Mom’s friends decided to go to HK for a food trip.  So we planned, booked then went!!!

So our daily itenerary would be to meet for Breakfast then shop all day then meet back at the Hotel Lobby for Dinner.



Day 1

Dinner:  Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant


Day 2

Lunch: Tien Yi Chinese Restaurant


Dinner: T’ang Court


Day 3

Lunch:  We just had room service because we were so tired from the traffic coming back for the Outlet stores


Dinner:  Arirang Korean Restaurant


Night Cap: Cucina


Tip: Take an UBER to go around HK especially for bigger groups rather than taking the MTR or a Taxi because it’s more comfortable, more convenient and easier to navigate since the driver already knows where you’re heading.  Had a problem of the driver not being able to go to our set pick-up point because we didn’t know Pacific Place mall has different entrances.  Better find the nearest hotel lobby for easier pick-up.



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